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Hat Trick

These past few weeks have been madness. Complete and utter scarf folding, label printing (Oh the label printing), and midnight brainstorming madness. Lori jokingly declared at 1am, “here at this job we don’t practice boundaries like 5:00 quitting time.” Nope. We sure don’t. However, I sort of love it. I love writing Webale! on 1500 … Continue reading

Fount of Mercy / Scarf Project

Round 2!

Jinja is different this time around. More white people, a few different restaurants, different projects and faces, and some faces that I miss dearly. Sarah (the intern/roommate that arrived towards the end of my stay last time) and I are sitting at our dining room table, watching Parks and Rec and discussing the changes, our … Continue reading

Africa / Fount of Mercy

Too cool

I received this email today. Cried instantly… at a cafe. You know one of those cafes that’s in public? This is the first time since being here that I can feel the effect of what I am helping to do. “Thanks for bringing volunteers  that imparted real issues and real topics of difference, hence bringing … Continue reading